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Who ?
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Panko is dedicated to distribute the electric components in Poland. We work closely with a number of Polish middle size companies to ensure we can provide high quality products and services to our customers. Providing the best products to our customers is what drives us every moment. Most of our customers require the highly qualified and customized products for their targets. Product quality is not the only crucial factor. They also want to be sure of receiving excellent support as well. We have kept on making every effort to match the needs of our customers. Panko

When ?
Panko has established to assist Polish and Korean customers with their business interests in electric components. Our motivation is simply to be the Korean Desk in Poland. Our business is based in local knowledge on both countries' resources. Let us be your reliable partner. Our story will be continued. LED

Where ?
Warszawa in Poland
The EU is forging strong economic relations with Korea. They have the FTA since 2011. Korea stands for high tech, for mobile communications technologies, consumer electronics, semiconductors and cars. It is the third biggest in Asia and also the seventh largest exporter in the world. Panko Republic will help you get closer to this attractive country. Panko is located in Warsaw, Poland. Please come and explore about our products. We are waiting for you! Korea Poland

What ?
Reliable and responsible
Panko aims to introduce Korean products and services to primarily Polish customers. Its story started from a little of LED. Its range of products and services has expanded steadily to match the needs of its customers. The products are applied to LED sign boards, information displays in Polish highways, parking lot display, airport & train station board, military navigation, cosmetic POSM displays, etc. We have provided our products in a variety of industries throughout its history. Our range of products are LED, LED modules, LED drivers, TFT LCD panel and Back lighting guide panel for image illumination. We are proud of all those products. LED

Why ?
Clients support
We believe in the Power of positive attitudes. We understand your needs on products and services, Have kept our words once given. Take a chance to feel it! handshake